Why don't you hang around with your friends from the University of Tsukuba after a long time and talk about the old days?

The catchphrase for this event is "Why don’t you have a drink with the President soon?” Graduates are requested to check the President's schedule on this page and invite at least 5 friends who are alumni of the University of Tsukuba to apply.
(If there are less than 4 participants, we can arrange a time to conduct a joint session with other groups.)

There is no other university that offers the chance for mutual communication with the university president. No other university does this. You can talk about the old days, report on what's going on, or ask the president a quick question. Feel free to register for this opportunity as if you were having a drink with friends!

This year's event will be held online due to the spread of the new coronavirus infection, and we hope that this event will be a chance for you to get together with your old friends.

This event is also to be held beyond April. The schedule will be continually updated so check the application form.

Message from the President

Dr. NAGATA Kyosuke, President, University of Tsukuba
Dr. NAGATA Kyosuke, President, University of Tsukuba

Profile of the President

Born in Ichinomiya, Aichi Prefecture, lived in Fukui during his childhood, in Urawa, Saitama Prefecture from junior high school, and in Tokyo from university days
Dream of the future
Occupation: I want to change education in Japan.
Hobby: Visiting all the FIFA World Cup in my lifetime, enjoying the cities of each country.
Hobbies and special skills
I play and watch football.
Favorite or least favorite food
Everything, especially the dumplings.
Nothing I don't like, but I'm allergic to monkfish liver.
Favorite movie
“Graduation”, how many times did I see it when I was young? Katharine Ross was so pretty.
My recent boom
Ever since I lived alone in New York, I like cooking.
Favorite motto
Calculated recklessness (is there such a thing?)
Memories of my school days
Going up the whole length of Kurobe River, Kamino corridor was hard.
Favorite part of Tsukuba City
A town with a sense of calm Satoyama, a unique ecosystem wherein man and nature live in balance
In a few words, what are the characteristics of the University of Tsukuba?
Low barriers in many ways.
What I value as President
Fairness and impartiality (naturally), people

Participant's Voice

  • 学長の気さくなお人柄のおかげで楽しくお話ができました。参加メンバーの人生相談的な質問にも気軽に答えていただきありがとうご…
  • 学長と直接話す機会は在学中にもなかったため、貴重な経験になりました。短い時間でしたが、自身の楽しかった学生時代を思い出す…
  • 今、筑波大学が何を目指して何を変えようとしているか、触りだけですが知ることができ、非常に有意義な時間を頂きました。